Enlargement of Reservoirs - The District recognizes that need for enlarging the reservoirs through strategic planning. The Enlargement project consists of enlarging existing Fry-Ark Project reservoirs in order to help meet the full demand for additional water storage. The participants propose enlarging Pueblo Reservoir by up to 54,000 acre-feet and Turquoise Reservoir by up to 19,000 acre-feet. Additional storage space is needed to meet the future demands for storage. Nine participants have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the District agreeing to reimburse the planning and development costs for Enlargement. Their costs are determined by the amount of storage space each participant intends to use in the enlarged reservoirs. They have committed to 58,125 acre-feet of storage space. The Enlargement project was historically developed from the Preferred Storage Options Plan. The first step in the process is a feasibility study, which must be authorized by Congress.


  • Board of Water Works Pueblo
  • Crowley County
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • City of Florence
  • City of La Junta
  • Otero County
  • Town of Poncha Springs
  • Pueblo West Metro District
  • City of Salida
  • Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District