Hydroelectric Power

Pueblo Dam Hydroelectric Project

Pueblo, Colorado

Hydroelectric power or hydropower is electrical power which is generated through the energy of falling water. This method of energy generation is viewed as environmentally friendly or “green” since no waste occurs during energy generation. In 2011, Reclamation published a request in the Federal Register for proposals for hydropower generation at Pueblo Dam River Outlet. Based on a proposal and evaluation process, a partnership consisting of the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, the Board of Water Works of Pueblo, and Colorado Springs Utilities was issued a Preliminary Permit to plan and study the Pueblo Dam Hydroelectric Project.

Project Description

The proposed 7.0 megawatt (MW) facility would be located on the Pueblo Dam River Outlet (Dam). A powerhouse would be located at the downstream end of the existing outlet works that supplies water to the Arkansas River and would use the Dam’s authorized released to generate an annual average 18.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and approximately $1,000,000 in average revenue per year. The project’s total capital cost is estimated to be $19.7 million, which will be provided by low-interest hydroelectric project financing available through the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

  • Rated Flow: 734 cfs

  • Rated Head: 110 ft

  • Equipment: 2– Horizon Francis Type Units (5.5 kW & 1.5 kW)

  • Average Annual Energy Production: 18,600,000 kWh

  • Estimated Development Cost: $19.7 M

  • Preliminary LoPP Granted: Feb 2012

  • Feasibility Study Updated: Mar 2014

  • Preliminary Design Complete: Jul 2014

  • Execution of Final LoPP: Aug 2015

  • Final Design Complete: Jun 2016

  • Construction Contract Award: Aug 2016

  • Construction Complete: May 2018

  • Commissioning: May 2018





For More Information Contact: 

Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
31717 United Avenue
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Phone: 719-948-2400
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