Indoor Fixture/Appliance/Equipment Retrofits and Incentives

This best management practice includes those programs that use utility funds to promote indoor water use efficiency through:

  • Rebates
  • Giveaways (typically in conjunction with customer water audits[1])
  • Other incentives

Typically, but not always, these programs are implemented as follows:

  • High efficiency toilet and clothes washer rebates (for residential and commercial customers)
  • High efficiency showerhead, pre-rinse spray nozzle, and faucet aerator giveaways (for commercial customers)

Noting that the best payback typically comes in high use facilities such as bars and restaurants; whereas the biggest demand for the programs typically come from residential customers.

The CWW Guidebook of Best Practices presents BP 12 for High-Efficiency Fixture and Appliance Replacement.

[1] Giveaways are not recommended unless the utility or someone of responsible charge removes the old and installs the new “giveaway” fixture - or executes an exchange where the old equipment is brought in as proof of the fixture replacement.  Otherwise the utility will not know if the fixture was actually replaced and therefore may not be able to determine if water use demand was reduced as a result of the program.